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Only recreate bin clips when doing a paste into another document

parent 8f1ab356
......@@ -603,7 +603,7 @@ bool TimelineController::pasteItem()
std::function<bool(void)> redo = []() { return true; };
const QString docId = m_copiedItems.documentElement().attribute(QStringLiteral("documentid"));
QMap<QString, QString> mappedIds;
if (!docId.isEmpty()/* && docId != pCore->currentDoc()->getDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("documentid"))*/) {
if (!docId.isEmpty() && docId != pCore->currentDoc()->getDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("documentid"))) {
// paste from another document, import bin clips
const QString rootId = pCore->projectItemModel()->getRootFolder()->clipId();
QString folderId = QString::number(pCore->projectItemModel()->getFreeFolderId());
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