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Commit b74bce47 authored by Vincent Pinon's avatar Vincent Pinon

Make H264 profile compatible with YouTube

parent 1434e74a
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......@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@
<profile name="MP4 - the dominating format (H264/AAC)" extension="mp4"
qualities="15,20,45" defaultquality="30"
audiobitrates="192,64" defaultaudiobitrate="160"
args="properties=x264-medium f=mp4 vcodec=libx264 acodec=aac g=120 crf=%quality ab=%audiobitrate+'k'"
audiobitrates="256,64" defaultaudiobitrate="160"
args="f=mp4 movflags=+faststart vcodec=libx264 progressive=1 g=15 bf=2 crf=%quality acodec=aac ab=%audiobitrate+'k'"
<profile name="Transparent" extension="mov" args="vcodec=qtrle pix_fmt=argb"/>
<profile name="MPEG-2" extension="mpg"
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