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Fix path to title clips not stored

BUG: 377184
Differential revision:
parent 2257c6c2
Pipeline #340 passed with stage
in 8 minutes and 29 seconds
......@@ -1875,7 +1875,8 @@ void TitleWidget::itemRight()
void TitleWidget::loadTitle(QUrl url)
if (!url.isValid()) {
url = QFileDialog::getOpenFileUrl(this, i18n("Load Title"), QUrl::fromLocalFile(m_projectTitlePath), i18n("Kdenlive title (*.kdenlivetitle)"));
QString startFolder = KRecentDirs::dir(QStringLiteral(":KdenliveProjectsTitles"));
url = QFileDialog::getOpenFileUrl(this, i18n("Load Title"), QUrl::fromLocalFile(startFolder.isEmpty() ? m_projectTitlePath : startFolder), i18n("Kdenlive title (*.kdenlivetitle)"));
if (url.isValid()) {
QList<QGraphicsItem *> items = m_scene->items();
......@@ -1893,6 +1894,8 @@ void TitleWidget::loadTitle(QUrl url)
doc.setContent(&file, false);
m_projectTitlePath = QFileInfo(file).dir().absolutePath();
KRecentDirs::add(QStringLiteral(":KdenliveProjectsTitles"), m_projectTitlePath);
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