Commit d788c0ad authored by Vincent Pinon's avatar Vincent Pinon

Warn about resize failure

parent 2454c447
......@@ -5362,9 +5362,11 @@ void CustomTrackView::resizeClip(const ItemInfo &start, const ItemInfo &end, boo
if (resizeClipStart) {
if (m_timeline->track(start.track)->resize(start.startPos.seconds(), (end.startPos - start.startPos).seconds(), false))
item->resizeStart((int) end.startPos.frames(m_document->fps()));
else emit displayMessage(i18n("Resizing clip start failed!!"), ErrorMessage);
} else {
if (m_timeline->track(start.track)->resize(start.startPos.seconds(), (end.endPos - start.endPos).seconds(), true))
item->resizeEnd((int) end.endPos.frames(m_document->fps()));
else emit displayMessage(i18n("Resizing clip end failed!!"), ErrorMessage);
if (!resizeClipStart && end.cropStart != start.cropStart) {
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