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Fix AppImage scripts

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......@@ -19,11 +19,8 @@ apt-get -y install cmake3 wget tar bzip2 xz-utils libtool libfile-which-perl aut
apt-get -y install libpixman-1-dev docbook-xml docbook-xsl libattr1-dev
# Read in our parameters
#export BUILD_PREFIX=$1
export BUILD_PREFIX=/build
export KDENLIVE_SOURCES=/kdenlive
export DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX=/external
export BUILD_PREFIX=$1
# qjsonparser, used to add metadata to the plugins needs to work in a en_US.UTF-8 environment.
# That's not always the case, so make sure it is
......@@ -91,19 +88,50 @@ cmake --build . --target ext_alsa
cmake --build . --target ext_sdl2
cmake --build . --target ext_fftw3
cmake --build . --target ext_fftw3f
# ladspa expects fft3w.pc pkgconfig files
cp /build/deps/usr/lib/pkgconfig/fftwf.pc /build/deps/usr/lib/pkgconfig/fftw3f.pc
cmake --build . --target ext_ladspa
cp $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig/fftwf.pc $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig/fftw3f.pc
cp $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig/fftw.pc $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig/fftw3.pc
cmake --build . --target ext_x264
cmake --build . --target ext_x265
# libvpx does not compile with this gcc6 version
#export CC=/usr/bin/gcc
#export CXX=/usr/bin/g++
cmake --build . --target ext_libvpx
#export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-6
#export CXX=/usr/bin/g++-6
cmake --build . --target ext_ffmpeg
cmake --build . --target ext_sox
cmake --build . --target ext_jack
cmake --build . --target ext_ladspa
cmake --build . --target ext_cairo
cmake --build . --target ext_harfbuzz
cmake --build . --target ext_pango
cmake --build . --target ext_gdkpixbuf
cmake --build . --target ext_gtk+
cmake --build . --target ext_gavl
cmake --build . --target ext_frei0r
cmake --build . --target ext_vidstab
cmake --build . --target ext_opencv
#export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-6
#export CXX=/usr/bin/g++-6
#cmake --build . --target ext_movit
cmake --build . --target ext_mlt
cmake --build . --target ext_kbookmarks
cmake --build . --target ext_kxmlgui
cmake --build . --target ext_kconfigwidgets
cmake --build . --target ext_knotifyconfig
cmake --build . --target ext_knewstuff
cmake --build . --target ext_kdeclarative
cmake --build . --target ext_breezeicons
cmake --build . --target ext_kcrash
cmake --build . --target ext_breeze
cmake --build . --target ext_ruby
......@@ -28,6 +28,10 @@ if [ ! -d $BUILD_PREFIX/kdenlive-build/ ] ; then
mkdir -p $BUILD_PREFIX/kdenlive-build/
#download translations
cp $KDENLIVE_SOURCES/packaging/appimage/
ruby fetch_l10n_po.rb --enable-kdenlive
# Now switch to it
cd $BUILD_PREFIX/kdenlive-build/
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