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Do not attempt to auto split audio clips

parent 961c97f8
......@@ -606,7 +606,9 @@ bool TimelineModel::requestClipInsertion(const QString &binClipId, int trackId,
std::function<bool(void)> local_undo = []() { return true; };
std::function<bool(void)> local_redo = []() { return true; };
bool res = false;
if (KdenliveSettings::splitaudio()) {
std::shared_ptr<ProjectClip> master = pCore->projectItemModel()->getClipByBinID(binClipId);
ClipType type = master->clipType();
if (KdenliveSettings::splitaudio() && type == ClipType::AV) {
res = requestClipCreation(binClipId, id, PlaylistState::VideoOnly, local_undo, local_redo);
res = res && requestClipMove(id, trackId, position, refreshView, logUndo, local_undo, local_redo);
if (res && logUndo) {
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