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MDWSlider: Always set the single step value

Some controls, in particular PulseAudio, have a significant range
which means that a single step of 1 does not appear to move the slider
when an arrow key or the mouse wheel is used (although it actually does,
just very slowly).  Set the single step to give 100 steps.

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......@@ -66,6 +66,8 @@ class Mixer_PULSE : public Mixer_Backend
bool needsPolling() override { return false; }
// Only used internally, but need to be able to be called by
// static PulseAudio callback functions.
void triggerUpdate();
void addWidget(int index, bool = false);
void removeWidget(int index);
......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ void MDWSlider::guiAddControlIcon(const QString &tooltipText)
// icon on a signal.
connect(mixDevice().get(), &MixDevice::iconNameChanged,
this, [this](const QString &newName) {
qDebug() << "for" << mixDevice()->readableName() << "new icon" << newName;
qCDebug(KMIX_LOG) << "for" << mixDevice()->readableName() << "new icon" << newName;
ToggleToolButton::setIndicatorIcon(newName, m_controlIcon);
......@@ -620,8 +620,8 @@ void MDWSlider::addSliders( QBoxLayout *volLayout, char type, Volume& vol,
const long maxvol = vol.maxVolume();
const QMap<Volume::ChannelID, VolumeChannel> vols = vol.getVolumes();
for (const VolumeChannel &vc : vols)
{ // for all channels of this device
for (const VolumeChannel &vc : vols) // for all channels of this device
//qCDebug(KMIX_LOG) << "Add label to " << vc.chid << ": " << Volume::channelNameReadable(vc.chid);
QWidget *subcontrolLabel;
......@@ -638,11 +638,29 @@ void MDWSlider::addSliders( QBoxLayout *volLayout, char type, Volume& vol,
// Set the slider page step to be the same as the configured volume step.
// If that volume step is the minimum possible value (1), then set it
// to 2 so that it is bigger than the single step.
int pageStep = vol.volumeStep(false);
if (pageStep==1) pageStep = 2;
const int pageStep = qMax(static_cast<int>(vol.volumeStep(false)), 2);
// Need to set the single step too, because some devices have a substantial
// range (e.g. PulseAudio always returns the range as from 0 to 65536).
// Having the single step at the default setting (i.e. 1) makes key and
// wheel events over the slider so slow that it appears not to be moving
// (although it actually is). See
// for report.
// Since volume level is always displayed as a percentage, set the single
// step to give an increment of 1% unless the range is <100 already. This
// will be subject to rounding unless the range is at least 200, but it's
// the best that can be done.
const int volRange = maxvol-minvol;
if (volRange>100)
const int volStep = qMax(qRound(volRange/100.0), 1);
// Don't show too many tick marks if the page step is small.
if (pageStep<10) slider->setTickInterval(qRound((maxvol-minvol)/10.0));
if (pageStep<10) slider->setTickInterval(qRound(volRange/10.0));
......@@ -667,10 +685,11 @@ void MDWSlider::addSliders( QBoxLayout *volLayout, char type, Volume& vol,
volLayout->addWidget( slider ); // add to layout
ref_sliders.append ( slider ); // add to list
connect( slider, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), SLOT(volumeChange(int)) );
connect( slider, SIGNAL(sliderPressed()), SLOT(sliderPressed()) );
connect( slider, SIGNAL(sliderReleased()), SLOT(sliderReleased()) );
connect(slider, &QAbstractSlider::valueChanged, this, &MDWSlider::volumeChange);
// TODO: Could these two connections and the tracking of m_sliderInWork
// be replaced by slider->isSliderDown()?
connect(slider, &QAbstractSlider::sliderPressed, this, &MDWSlider::sliderPressed);
connect(slider, &QAbstractSlider::sliderReleased, this, &MDWSlider::sliderReleased);
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