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FreeBSD has 25 devices.

The extra 7 in KMix don't work, cannot work, cause lots of error
messages in the logs and are patched out downstream because of
that: the comment about NRDEVICES being possibly variable
just doesn't apply on FreeBSD.
parent 82325cc7
......@@ -50,8 +50,18 @@
The #define below is only there for internal reasons.
In other words: Don't play around with this value
FreeBSD, on the other hand, has had SOUND_MIXER_NRDEVICES set to 25
for at least the last 13 years; it doesn't change. In addition,
deviceNameDevfs() overruns the alphabet and ends up looking for
silly mixer names like /dev/sound/mixer\ . All the devices above
SOUND_MIXER_NRDEVICES simply don't work.
#if defined(__FreeBSD__) && defined(SOUND_MIXER_NRDEVICES)
#define MAX_MIXDEVS 32
// clang-format off
const char* MixerDevNames[MAX_MIXDEVS]={
......@@ -63,9 +73,14 @@ const char* MixerDevNames[MAX_MIXDEVS]={
I18N_NOOP("Line2"), I18N_NOOP("Line3"), I18N_NOOP("Digital1"),
I18N_NOOP("Digital2"), I18N_NOOP("Digital3"), I18N_NOOP("PhoneIn"),
I18N_NOOP("PhoneOut"), I18N_NOOP("Video"), I18N_NOOP("Radio"),
I18N_NOOP("Monitor"), I18N_NOOP("3D-depth"), I18N_NOOP("3D-center"),
#if MAX_MIXDEVS > 25
I18N_NOOP("3D-depth"), I18N_NOOP("3D-center"),
I18N_NOOP("unknown"), I18N_NOOP("unknown"), I18N_NOOP("unknown"),
I18N_NOOP("unknown") , I18N_NOOP("unused") };
I18N_NOOP("unknown") , I18N_NOOP("unused")
const MixDevice::ChannelType MixerChannelTypes[MAX_MIXDEVS] = {
MixDevice::VOLUME, MixDevice::BASS, MixDevice::TREBLE,
......@@ -76,9 +91,14 @@ const MixDevice::ChannelType MixerChannelTypes[MAX_MIXDEVS] = {
MixDevice::EXTERNAL, MixDevice::EXTERNAL, MixDevice::DIGITAL,
MixDevice::DIGITAL, MixDevice::DIGITAL, MixDevice::EXTERNAL,
MixDevice::EXTERNAL, MixDevice::VIDEO, MixDevice::EXTERNAL,
MixDevice::EXTERNAL, MixDevice::VOLUME, MixDevice::VOLUME,
#if MAX_MIXDEVS > 25
MixDevice::VOLUME, MixDevice::VOLUME,
MixDevice::UNKNOWN, MixDevice::UNKNOWN, MixDevice::UNKNOWN,
MixDevice::UNKNOWN, MixDevice::UNKNOWN };
MixDevice::UNKNOWN, MixDevice::UNKNOWN
// clang-format on
Mixer_Backend *OSS_getMixer(Mixer *mixer, int device)
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