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Revert my direct use of ControlManager::instance().announce(). PA actually did...

Revert my direct use of ControlManager::instance().announce(). PA actually did call it in its own thread and so in the end we have a non-GUI thread calling GUI code. Use invokeMethod() again.
CCBUGS: 309464
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......@@ -769,9 +769,55 @@ static devmap* get_widget_map(int type, int index)
void Mixer_PULSE::emitControlsReconfigured()
// emit controlsReconfigured(_mixer->id());
// Do not emit directly to ensure all connected slots are executed
// in their own event loop.
* Comment by cesken: I am not really sure what the comment above means.
* 1) IIRC coling told me "otherwise KMix crashes".
* 2) There are also bug reports that heavily indicate the crash when operation the "move stream" from a popup
* menu.
* 3) I don't know what the "executed in their own event loop" means. Are we in a "wrong" thread here (PA),
* which is not suitable for GUI code?!?
* Conclusions:
* a) It seems there seems to be some object deletion hazard with a QMenu (the one for "move stream")
* b) I do not see why executing it Queued is better, because you can never know when it is actually being
* executed: it could be "right now". It looks like Qt currently executes it after the QMenu hazard has
* resolved itselves miracously.
* c) I am definitely strongly opposed on this "execute later" approach. It is pure gambling IMO and might be
* broken any time (from DEBUG to RELEASE build, or by a new Qt or KDE version).
* TODO Somebody with more Qt and PA internal insight might help to clear up things here.
* Temporary solution: Do the QueuedConnection until we really know hat is going on. But the called code
* pulseControlsReconfigured() will then do the standard announce() so that every part of
* KMix automatically gets updated.
// QMetaObject::invokeMethod(this,
// "pulseControlsReconfigured",
// Qt::QueuedConnection,
// Q_ARG(QString, _mixer->id()));
void Mixer_PULSE::pulseControlsReconfigured()
kDebug() << "Reconfigure " << _mixer->id();
ControlManager::instance().announce(_mixer->id(), ControlChangeType::ControlList, getDriverName());
void Mixer_PULSE::pulseControlsReconfigured(QString mixerId)
kDebug() << "Reconfigure " << mixerId;
ControlManager::instance().announce(mixerId, ControlChangeType::ControlList, getDriverName());
void Mixer_PULSE::addWidget(int index, bool isAppStream)
devmap* map = get_widget_map(m_devnum, index);
......@@ -1366,3 +1412,4 @@ QString Mixer_PULSE::getDriverName()
return "PulseAudio";
#include "mixer_pulse.moc"
......@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ typedef struct {
class Mixer_PULSE : public Mixer_Backend
Mixer_PULSE(Mixer *mixer, int devnum);
virtual ~Mixer_PULSE();
......@@ -77,6 +79,11 @@ class Mixer_PULSE : public Mixer_Backend
void addDevice(devinfo& dev, bool = false);
bool connectToDaemon();
void emitControlsReconfigured();
protected slots:
void pulseControlsReconfigured(QString mixerId);
void pulseControlsReconfigured();
void reinit();
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