Commit 82325cc7 authored by Adriaan de Groot's avatar Adriaan de Groot 💬
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Use the define for table size, in sizing the tables

parent 7c139a19
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
#define MAX_MIXDEVS 32
// clang-format off
const char* MixerDevNames[32]={
const char* MixerDevNames[MAX_MIXDEVS]={
I18N_NOOP("Volume"), I18N_NOOP("Bass"), I18N_NOOP("Treble"),
I18N_NOOP("Synth"), I18N_NOOP("Pcm"), I18N_NOOP("Speaker"),
I18N_NOOP("Line"), I18N_NOOP("Microphone"), I18N_NOOP("CD"),
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ const char* MixerDevNames[32]={
I18N_NOOP("unknown"), I18N_NOOP("unknown"), I18N_NOOP("unknown"),
I18N_NOOP("unknown") , I18N_NOOP("unused") };
const MixDevice::ChannelType MixerChannelTypes[32] = {
const MixDevice::ChannelType MixerChannelTypes[MAX_MIXDEVS] = {
MixDevice::VOLUME, MixDevice::BASS, MixDevice::TREBLE,
MixDevice::MIDI, MixDevice::AUDIO, MixDevice::SPEAKER,
MixDevice::EXTERNAL, MixDevice::MICROPHONE, MixDevice::CD,
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