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Document the memory ownership of GUIProfile, explain possible (but unlikely) memory leak scenarios.

CCBUGS: 309464
parent 09aabd4a
......@@ -233,6 +233,11 @@ GUIProfile* GUIProfile::find(Mixer* mixer, QString profileName, bool profileName
void GUIProfile::addProfile(GUIProfile* guiprof)
// Possible TODO: Delete old mapped GUIProfile, if it exists. Otherwise we might leak one GUIProfile instance
// per unplug/plug sequence. Its quite likely possible that currently no Backend leads to a
// leak: This is because they either don't hotplug cards (PulseAudio, MPRIS2), or they ship
// a XML gui profile (so the Cached version is retrieved, and addProfile() is not called).
s_profiles[guiprof->getId()] = guiprof;
kDebug() << "I have added" << guiprof->getId() << "; Number of profiles is now " << s_profiles.size() ;
......@@ -271,14 +276,17 @@ GUIProfile* GUIProfile::loadProfileFromXMLfiles(Mixer* mixer, QString profileNam
* This is for all backends that ship no profile files
* Returns a fallback GUIProfile. You can call this if the backends ships no profile files.
* The returned GUIProfile is also added to the static Map of all GUIProfile instances.
GUIProfile* GUIProfile::fallbackProfile(Mixer *mixer)
// -1- Get name
QString fullQualifiedProfileName = buildProfileName(mixer, QString("default"), false);
GUIProfile *fallback = new GUIProfile();
// -2- Fill details
ProfProduct* prd = new ProfProduct();
prd->vendor = mixer->getDriverName();
prd->productName = mixer->readableName();
......@@ -301,6 +309,14 @@ GUIProfile* GUIProfile::fallbackProfile(Mixer *mixer)
fallback->setId(fullQualifiedProfileName); // this one contains some soundcard id (basename + instance)
fallback->setName(buildReadableProfileName(mixer, QString("default"))); // The caller can rename this if he likes
/* -3- Add the profile to the static list
* Hint: This looks like a memory leak, as we never remove profiles from memory while KMix runs.
* Especially with application streams it looks suspicious. But please be aware that this method is only
* called for soundcard hotplugs, and not on stream hotplugs. At least it is supposed to be like that.
* Please also see the docs at addProfile(), they also address the possible memory leakage.
return fallback;
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