Commit a1eb2c0d authored by Jonathan Marten's avatar Jonathan Marten

KMixDeviceManager: Fix getUDI_ALSA()

Not sure whether the original would ever have worked - QString::arg()
does not modify the original string.  Eliminates the runtime message:

  kmix/default QString::arg: QString::arg: Argument missing: "hw%i" , 2
parent 87315f41
......@@ -59,9 +59,7 @@ void KMixDeviceManager::initHotplug()
QString KMixDeviceManager::getUDI_ALSA(int num)
QString udi("hw%i");
return udi;
return (QString("hw%1").arg(num));
#if 0
QList<Solid::Device> dl = Solid::Device::listFromType(Solid::DeviceInterface::AudioInterface);
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