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      Configure dialogue: Allow volume feedback for non-PulseAudio · ab133319
      Jonathan Marten authored
      It now works with PA and ALSA, the most likely other backend, so the
      option is enabled in the GUI.  Move around some widgets and reword some
      messages to correspond with that.  Ensure that all configuration widgets
      have tool tips.
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      ALSA: Implement volume feedback for this backend · d0dff0f5
      Jonathan Marten authored
      Using Canberra (if available) to play the event sound, in the same way
      as PulseAudio.  There is no GUI to allow the option to be turned on yet,
      but it can be enabled by adding
      in the [General] section of kmixrc.
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      MPRIS2: Get the icon name from the player application · 793c07f3
      Jonathan Marten authored
      Previously there was a hardcoded list of applications in
      Mixer_MPRIS2::getChannelTypeFromPlayerId() which passed special
      MixDevice::ChannelType values to MixDevice::channelTypeToIconName().
      Now the icon name is found via the application's desktop file, which
      is requested from the running application via DBus, and passed directly
      to MixDevice.  Icons for audio devices are still managed by MixDevice.
      There are some applications which do not provide the DBus interface
      to locate their desktop file.  Therefore, there is still a hardcoded
      fallback list in Mixer_MPRIS2::getIconNameFromPlayerId() which provides
      an icon name.  The MixDevice::ChannelType values for specific
      applications are no longer used.
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      Tidy up the MixDeviceWidget context menu generation · c4028835
      Jonathan Marten authored
      Let MixDeviceWidget::contextMenuEvent() handle the initial creation
      and eventual showing of the menu.  Rename the pure virtual showContextMenu()
      to createContextMenu() and have it only add the control-specific actions
      to the menu.
      Remove the "Hide" control action and MixDeviceWidget::setDisabled().
      The action was only defined for a MDWEnum and was not accessible in the GUI.
      The same effect can be achieved using "Configure Channels".
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      Fix naming and management of global shortcuts · ba21e699
      Jonathan Marten authored
      Correctly separate the internal action name and the user readable text,
      so that they show up with readable names in the Global Shortcuts KCM.
      Only create volume global shortcuts if the control has adjustable
      (playback or capture) volume.
      Do not create any shortcuts for a virtual or dynamic control, and do not
      show the shortcuts configuration dialogue if it would be empty.
      Replace protected MixDeviceWidget data members with access functions.
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