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Commit ee793f47 authored by Yuri Chornoivan's avatar Yuri Chornoivan


parent 4825b1df
......@@ -813,13 +813,13 @@ void Mixer_PULSE::emitControlsReconfigured()
void Mixer_PULSE::pulseControlsReconfigured()
qCDebug(KMIX_LOG) << "Reconfigure " << _mixer->id();
ControlManager::instance().announce(_mixer->id(), ControlChangeType::ControlList, getDriverName());
ControlManager::instance().announce(_mixer->id(), ControlManager::ControlList, getDriverName());
void Mixer_PULSE::pulseControlsReconfigured(QString mixerId)
qCDebug(KMIX_LOG) << "Reconfigure " << mixerId;
ControlManager::instance().announce(mixerId, ControlChangeType::ControlList, getDriverName());
ControlManager::instance().announce(mixerId, ControlManager::ControlList, getDriverName());
void Mixer_PULSE::updateRecommendedMaster(devmap* map)
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