Commit 78b5d940 authored by Thomas Eschenbacher's avatar Thomas Eschenbacher

Kwave I18N fix on the file properties UI

I18N translation is not working for contextual help (popup & question mark helper) on the following screens under file properties:
- Compression tab on the compression parameters,
- Miscellaneous tab on the keywords management.

Test Plan:
- Validate if this patch is not having any side effect elsewhere and it is appropriate.
- Check if the English UI still fine.
- Check with another language, where the translation is completed e.g French, if the text is displayed correctly.

Reviewers: the

Reviewed By: the

Differential Revision:
parent a3b9666b
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ void Kwave::CompressionWidget::initInfo(QLabel *label, QWidget *widget,
if (label) label->setText(i18n( + _(":"));
describeWidget(widget, i18n(,
......@@ -549,7 +549,7 @@ void Kwave::FileInfoDialog::setupMiscellaneousTab()
lstKeywords->setWhatsThis(_("<b>") +
i18n( +
_("</b><br>") + m_info.description(Kwave::INF_KEYWORDS));
_("</b><br>") + i18n(m_info.description(Kwave::INF_KEYWORDS).toLatin1()));
if (m_info.contains(Kwave::INF_KEYWORDS)) {
QString keywords = QVariant(m_info.get(Kwave::INF_KEYWORDS)).toString();
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