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Commit 1e87724b authored by Mathias Wein's avatar Mathias Wein

Substitute Rec. 2100 PQ profile with linear Rec. 2020 profile

Perceptual quantization (PQ) is just not useful for a
color selector.
parent 7c897c28
......@@ -107,9 +107,19 @@ void KisVisualColorSelector::slotSetColor(const KoColor &c)
void KisVisualColorSelector::slotSetColorSpace(const KoColorSpace *cs)
if (m_d->currentCS != cs) {
m_d->currentCS = cs;
m_d->currentcolor = KoColor(cs);
if (!m_d->currentCS || *m_d->currentCS != *cs) {
const KoColorSpace *csNew = cs;
// PQ color space is not very suitable for color picking, substitute with linear one
if (cs->colorModelId() == RGBAColorModelID &&
cs->profile()->uniqueId() == KoColorSpaceRegistry::instance()->p2020PQProfile()->uniqueId()) {
csNew = KoColorSpaceRegistry::instance()->
m_d->currentCS = csNew;
m_d->currentcolor = KoColor(csNew);
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