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Commit 92678b93 authored by Kuntal  Majumder's avatar Kuntal Majumder 😟 Committed by Kuntal Majumder

Fix crash on moving a single lonely anchor

BUG: 422406
parent 00fb1483
......@@ -397,6 +397,11 @@ void KisToolSelectMagnetic::deleteSelectedAnchor()
void KisToolSelectMagnetic::updateSelectedAnchor()
//the only anchor
if (m_anchorPoints.count() == 1) {
// initial
if (m_selectedAnchor == 0 && m_anchorPoints.count() > 1) {
m_pointCollection[m_selectedAnchor] = computeEdgeWrapper(m_anchorPoints[0], m_anchorPoints[1]);
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