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Release 2017.10

In this release, Philip set up Coverity scans, and we fixed
all of the problems it found.  I'm proud that we ended up
with a notably lower than average defect density.  None of
the issues were critical; the only off-by-one array indexing
for example was in a test case.

Two new contributors showed up and submitted patches for
the documentation - it's hard to describe how happy this makes me!

`bash: Add bash completion` (Matthew Barnes)
is a quite welcome change as well!

There are a number of smaller features:

`lib/repo: Add API to create and list ref aliases`

We're planning to use this for Fedora Atomic Host to
define a version-independent ref, while still offering
per-major refs.

`repo: Introduce ostree_repo_open_at() and ostree_repo_create_at()` is
a notable new API, and finally completes our fd-relative porting for
`OstreeRepo`.  The semantics of these functions are nicer; it's now
more convenient to unconditionally call `ostree_repo_create_at()` for
example to ensure a repository exists, returning the opened result.

`lib/sysroot: Add journal-msg signal` is a nice cleanup in that we finally
stopped doing `printf()` in the library code for `OstreeSysroot`. If you
maintain a client, you should start listening for this signal, like the demo
command line does (if you want the text of course).

In the "important bugfixes" category,
`pull: mark commits from local cache as partial`
fixes up the `--localcache-repos` logic, which is used in
Fedora's Anaconda at least.

Philip also contributed a number of bugfixes for the collections
logic as well as cases of trying to download a missing summary file.

Thanks to all contributors!

Colin Walters (39):
      build-sys: Post-release version bump
      grub2: Handle aarch64 (at least on Fedora/RHEL)
      lib/pull: Journal fetch results
      docs/pull: Finish incomplete docs for pull@hash syntax
      tests: Add some return value checking to pacify Coverity
      bin/refs: Fix error handling logic
      tests/lzma: Use GRand over random()
      rofiles-fuse: Add missing error handling for fcntl()
      tests/lzma: Fix off-by-one in buffer size
      lib/commit: Rework a conditional set for clarity and Coverity
      lib/curl: Only check individual request errors
      lib/gpg: Switch to GLib autocleanups for gpgme types
      tree-wide: Use GLib autocleanups for libarchive
      lib/sysroot: Add prefixes to syncfs/fsync error messages
      lib/deploy: Add structured logging info for syncfs() times
      lib/repo: Add API to create and list ref aliases
      lib/pull: Log state of summary/commit GPG verification
      tests/ Add a comment that this copy is canonical
      tree-wide: Use g_autoptr(Ostree*)
      lib: Define and use an autoptr cleanup for gpgme_key_t
      tree-wide: Fix the build with old glib (Ubuntu Trusty etc.)
      lib/deltas: Squash Coverity warning for div-by-zero in delta show
      bin/pull: Fix @ override syntax when pulling multiple refs
      tree-wide: Remove trailing semicolon from autoptr declarations
      lib: Port gpg verification for remotes to fd-relative
      lib/deploy: Use a FIFREEZE/FITHAW cycle for /boot
      lib/sysroot-deploy: Port a kernel finding logic to new style
      lib/sysroot-deploy: Refactor kernel layout parsing
      lib/sysroot: Add journal-msg signal
      lib/deploy: Close test suite race condition
      repo: Introduce ostree_repo_open_at() and ostree_repo_create_at()
      Update libglnx
      build-sys: Move bash completions to /usr/share/ by default
      lib/deploy: Really close testing race condition
      lib/deploy: Ignore errors from FITHAW
      lib/sysroot: Port a few functions to new style
      docs/related-projects: Tweak client side snapshot text, add casync
      lib: Fix v2017.10 symbols to inherit from v2017.8
      Release 2017.10

Guy Shapiro (2):
      Documentation: README: Remove deprecated wiki link
      Documentation: static delta default from

Jonathan Lebon (5):
      man: document configured branches
      pull: mark commits from local cache as partial
      ostree-deployment.c: simplify equality check
      pull: mention libcurl in NOT_SUPPORTED pull path
      ot-main.c: fix signal callback signature

Lisa St. John (1):

Matthew Barnes (2):
      bash: Add bash completion
      ostree: Add naggy comments to help keep options in sync

Matthew Leeds (2):
      main: Fix subcommand usage output
      man: Update ostree-refs manpage

Philip Withnall (12):
      lib/repo-pull: Fix counting of latest commits when finding repos
      lib/repo-finder: Avoid a potential unref-of-NULL crash
      lib/repo-pull: Add a missing precondition
      lib/repo-refs: Add ostree_repo_remote_list_collection_refs() API
      lib/repo-finder-avahi: Drop redundant conditional
      lib/repo-commit: Drop unreachable conditional branch
      lib/sepolicy: Drop duplicate assignment
      ostree/parse-datetime: Ensure tm structs are initialised
      lib/repo: Fix handling of missing summary files when downloading
      lib/repo-finder: Emit gpg-verify-summary=false in dynamic remote config
      lib/gpg-verify: Add an OstreeGpgError error domain
      lib/repo-finder-config: Add some more debug output

Robert McQueen (2):
      gpg-verify-result: canonicalise key when looking up signatures
      gpg-verify-result: try to display the primary key ID from signatures

Stef Walter (2): Fix running out of tree
      man: The min-free-space-percent item goes in [core] section

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: af9b85f48e6f3e2de6393ab5f458e6ef405c82a1f618b8fe3c2441fa149d629f9ab464907695a9c8eb82de413692ec1015421f0958315dffe514f23ce798db3d