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Release 2018.1

One of the most notable things in this release is patches
from Gatis Paeglis and William Manley to fix up libostree's
support for systems without an initramfs (prominent in the
embedded/appliance case).

Just as a side note: On the flip side some initial testing of a Fedora Atomic
Host (which uses libostree) was done on an IBM S390x system - real mainframe
hardware. Just like the Linux kernel and systemd, the vision for libostree is to
span a wide range of use cases like this.

Related to this, build patches were contributed by Anton Gerasimov and Marcus
Folkesson - per the above we try to keep our feature set

Next I want to note a major new feature landed in this
release that we will be using in rpm-ostree; `--copyup` support
for `rofiles-fuse`:
For a long time we were trying to change the Fedora RPM package
scripts to be "pure rofiles" compatible, but I finally decided
to punt on that due to glibc.  I suspect other people maintaining
build systems may be in a similar situation.

Also, I landed a series of hardening patches against path
traversal; as I say in the PR set, since we've checked this
in the HTTP code since the start I think we're generally safe:

There are a variety of other changes here; see
the linked PRs below for more information.

Thanks a lot to all contributors!

Anton Gerasimov (1 PR, 1 commit)
  PR: #1397
    build-sys: Allow building with curl, but without libsoup
    (and 1 commits from other authors)

Colin Walters (9 PRs, 13 commits)
  rofiles: Add --copyup option (#1382)
  rofiles: Fix --copyup when creating a new file (#1396)
  grub2: Exit gracefully if there's no system ostree repository (#1399)
  lib/fetcher: Add version to USER_AGENT string (#1406)
  Release 2018.1 (#1413)
  PR: #1387
    build-sys: Post-release version bump
    ci: Make rust build nonblocking for now
  PR: #1391
    Revert "ci: Make rust build nonblocking for now"
    build-sys: Link with -ldl for rust build
  PR: #1397
    bin: Fix cookie builtin build with curl but no soup
    (and 1 commits from other authors)
  PR: #1412
    lib: Validate metadata structure more consistently during pull
    lib/checkout: Validate pathnames during checkout
    tests: Add a test case for path traversal in a dirtree

Gatis Paeglis (1 PR, 4 commits)
  PR: #1401
    ostree-grub-generator: update outdated comment
    Support for booting without initramfs
    deploy: add --karg-none argument
    ostree-prepare-root: enabler for simpler kernel arg
    (and 1 commits from other authors)

Jonathan Lebon (2 PRs, 4 commits)
  tests/libtest-core: support multiple literal checks (#1409)
  PR: #1402
    bash/ostree: add missing --add-metadata option
    bin/commit: add --keep-metadata option
    bin/commit: move parent checking code higher up

Marcus Folkesson (1 PR, 1 commit)
  lib/pull: allways include ostree-repo-pull-private.h (#1389)

Matthew Leeds (1 PR, 2 commits)
  PR: #1407
    tests: Use --finders option for find-remotes
    find-remotes: Add --finders option

Philip Withnall (1 PR, 1 commit)
  build: Fix typo in -Wparentheses warning (#1388)

Simon McVittie (2 PRs, 2 commits)
  tests: Don't assume uid == primary gid (#1390)
  tests: Assert that byte-order is swapped on LE but not BE CPUs (#1393)

Will Thompson (1 PR, 1 commit)
  ostree-grub-generator: fix typo in comment (#1398)

William Manley (1 PR, 1 commit)
  PR: #1401
    Tests: test-no-initramfs: Test both legacy and new kernel locations
    (and 4 commits from other authors)

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 32b75a08ee3df95d4286cddb5cdea6c9fff2bb33134a61072505d0c5cf9a9bf5a2f66fd35ec5591a550f3c0d7f560c64783a9e1f0b98a8de9dfec485d160c3ce