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A quick turnaround after 2018.3 to include one main PR:

"switchroot: Ensure /run/ostree-booted is created even without initramfs"

This fixes ostree when booting without an initramfs. Thanks to @akiernan for the
bug report and helping review the fix! I'm working on enhancing the test suite,
which will help in adding some coverage here.

Colin Walters (6 PRs, 10 commits)
  Post-release version bump (#1506)
  ci/papr: Fix artifacts (#1507)
  switchroot: Ensure /run/ostree-booted is created even without initramfs (#1508)
  lib/deltas: Squash some GCC maybe-uninitialized warnings (#1510)
  Release 2018.4 (#1512)
  PR: #1509
    tests/payload-link: Just test a single duplicate object
    tests: Small tweaks for local iteration
    tests/installed: Use temporary directories more consistently
    tests/str: Verify standard-test-roles is installed
    tests/str: Rework sysinstall-tests to be an entrypoint

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: ad47f2566b56f852982235224bc5256f1ac682da78579998b6ebcef719691c9dc2d9987691ee98730c7776da48c7ff50b02f55cbf5e7355a12627cb2843dcf51