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Do not remove QtWebEngine/5.x.y from the default user agent to increase compatibility.

Many websites do not recognize the “Falkon” token and show a warning message
claiming the user is using an outdated version of Google Chrome, while they do
correctly recognize known Chromium forks as such.
An example showing this behavior is
parent 7534bde0
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ UserAgentManager::UserAgentManager(QObject* parent)
, m_usePerDomainUserAgent(false)
m_defaultUserAgent = QWebEngineProfile::defaultProfile()->httpUserAgent();
m_defaultUserAgent.replace(QRegularExpression(QSL("QtWebEngine/[^\\s]+")), QSL("Falkon/%1").arg(Qz::VERSION));
m_defaultUserAgent.replace(QRegularExpression(QSL("(QtWebEngine/[^\\s]+)")), QSL("Falkon/%1 \\1").arg(Qz::VERSION));
void UserAgentManager::loadSettings()
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