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Document the roles in AccountsModel

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......@@ -28,6 +28,19 @@
* @brief A model representing all the accounts registered on a system
* # Roles
* The following role names are available in this model:
* * id: The internal ID of the account
* * services: A model which contains information about the services this account supports (see ServicesModel)
* * enabled: Whether or not this account is enabled
* * credentialsId: The internal ID for any stored credentials for this account
* * displayName: A human-readable name for this account (change this using ChangeAccountDisplayNameJob)
* * providerName: The internal name of the provider this account is registered through
* * iconName: An XDG Icon specification icon name
* * dataObject: The instance of Accounts::Account which the data for this account is fetched from
class KACCOUNTS_EXPORT AccountsModel : public QAbstractListModel
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