Verified Commit a599ce6d authored by Luca Beltrame's avatar Luca Beltrame
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Attempt fix building projects that depend on kaccounts-integration

6bb4032e removed
FindAccountsFileDir.cmake, without removing the corresponding reference
from the file.

Since this broke users of the library (failure at cmake stage), a little
more caution is advised for the future.

parent 6bb4032e
......@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ find_dependency(Qt5Widgets @QT_REQUIRED_VERSION@)
find_dependency(KF5CoreAddons @KF5_MIN_VERSION@)
find_dependency(AccountsQt5 @ACCOUNTSQT_DEP_VERSION@)
find_dependency(SignOnQt5 @SIGNONQT_DEP_VERSION@)
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