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Add appstream metadata

parent 55f4c93b
......@@ -344,7 +344,12 @@ elseif(UNIX AND NOT APPLE)
# install desktop file
install(FILES "misc/kaidan.desktop"
# install metainfo
install(FILES "misc/metadata.xml"
RENAME "im.kaidan.kaidan.appdata.xml"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<components version="0.12">
<component type="desktop-application">
<summary>Kaidan, a simple and user-friendly Jabber/XMPP client for every device and platform</summary>
<developer_name>Kaidan Developers &amp; Contributors</developer_name>
<p>Kaidan is a simple, user-friendly Jabber/XMPP client providing a modern user-interface using Kirigami and QtQuick. The back-end of Kaidan is entirely written in C++ using the qxmpp XMPP client library and Qt 5.</p>
<p>Kaidan is not finished yet, so don’t expect it working as well as a finished client will do.</p>
<p>For a list of supported XEPs, have a look at the Wiki.</p>
<url type="homepage"></url>
<launchable type="desktop-id">kaidan.desktop</launchable>
<caption>Example chat on a desktop and on a mobile device</caption>
<image type="source"></image>
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