Commit 17ccf59e authored by cacahueto's avatar cacahueto Committed by Jonah Brüchert

Use extracted script in CI script

parent 0e0c173b
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...@@ -67,15 +67,7 @@ android: ...@@ -67,15 +67,7 @@ android:
stage: deploy stage: deploy
image: kdeorg/android-arm-sdk image: kdeorg/android-arm-sdk
script: script:
- sudo apt update - utils/
- sudo apt -y install inkscape optipng
- GIT_EXTRA="--branch ${KF5_VERSION}" /opt/helpers/build-kde-dependencies --withProject kirigami
- /opt/helpers/build-cmake qxmpp -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=OFF -DBUILD_TESTS=OFF
- /opt/helpers/build-cmake zxing-cpp
- /opt/helpers/create-apk ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}
- mv ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/build/${CI_PROJECT_NAME}/kaidan_build_apk/build/outputs/apk/kaidan_build_apk-debug.apk ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}
variables: variables:
KF5_VERSION: master KF5_VERSION: master
allow_failure: true allow_failure: true
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