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# Contributing
This is a guideline for contributing to Kaidan.
There is also a guide for a [basic setup]( targeted at contributors which are unfamiliar with KDE Identity, GitLab or Git and want to start contributing quickly.
## Branches
Use the following prefixes for branch names:
* `feature/` for new features (changes with new behavior)
* `refactor/` for changes of the code structure without changing the general behavior
* `fix/` for fixes (changes for intended / correct behavior)
* `design/` for design changes
* `doc/` for documentation
## Merge Requests (MR)
Please stick to the following steps for opening and reviewing MRs.
### For Authors
1. Create a new branch to work on it from the *master* branch.
1. Write short commit messages starting with an a upper case letter and using the present tense and imperative.
1. Split your commits logically.
1. Do not mix unrelated changes in the same MR.
1. Create a MR with the *master* branch as its target.
1. Add *WIP: * in front of the MR's title as long as you are working on the MR and remove it as soon as it is ready to be reviewed.
1. If everything is ready to be reviewed, mention at least one person not involved as an author or co-author to review the current state.
1. If necessary, modify, reorder or squash your commits and force-push (`git push -f`) the result to the MR's branch.
1. If there are no open threads on your MR, a reviewer with write access will merge your commits.
### For Reviewers
1. Try to provide a review to the author.
1. Try to give the author concrete proposals for improving the code via the *insert suggestion* feature while commenting.
1. If the proposals are too complicated, create and push a commit with your proposal to your own fork of Kaidan and open a MR with the author's MR branch as its target.
......@@ -52,6 +52,9 @@ There are guides on how to build Kaidan for each supported platform (currently t
* [Linux Desktop](
* [Ubuntu Touch (click package)](
## Contributing
If you are interested in contributing to Kaidan, please have a look at our [contribution guidelines](
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