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......@@ -37,4 +37,8 @@ Please stick to the following steps for opening and reviewing MRs.
## Graphics
The preferred format for graphics in Kaidan is *SVG*.
A new SVG must be [optimized]( before adding it to a commit.
If SVG is not applicable like for screenshots, the graphic should have the format *PNG*.
### Optimization
In any case, the new or modified graphic must be [optimized]( before adding it to a commit.
......@@ -90,8 +90,7 @@
1. Update screenshot (which will update the screenshot on the website and in the README):
1. Create one screenshot for desktop and one for mobile version
1. Put those two screenshots into one image like *images/screenshot.png* and overwrite that by the new one
1. `optipng -o7 images/screenshot.png`
1. `advpng -z4 images/screenshot.png`
1. [Optimize]( *images/screenshot.png*
1. `git add images/screenshot.png`
1. `git commit -m "Update screenshot"`
1. `git push origin master`
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