ci: android: Fix zxing build and install missing advpng

parent 2783a888
Pipeline #28551 passed with stages
in 19 minutes and 36 seconds
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
function strip_directory_arm() {
/opt/android-ndk/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-strip $(find $1 -name "*armeabi-v7a*".so)
......@@ -20,7 +22,7 @@ git submodule update --init
# make sure inkscape is installed
sudo apt update
sudo apt -y install inkscape optipng
sudo apt -y install inkscape optipng advancecomp
# We don't want debug symbols, but gradle doesn't strip those anymore seemingly.
......@@ -35,7 +37,7 @@ strip_directory_arm64 "/opt/Qt/lib/"
# Build dependencies
GIT_EXTRA="--branch ${KF5_VERSION}" /opt/helpers/build-kde-dependencies --withProject kirigami knotifications
/opt/helpers/build-cmake qxmpp -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=OFF -DBUILD_TESTS=OFF
/opt/helpers/build-cmake zxing-cpp
/opt/helpers/build-cmake zxing-cpp -DBUILD_BLACKBOX_TESTS=OFF -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=OFF
# Trick the script to not clone kaidan once again
if ! [ -f "${KAIDAN_SOURCES}/kaidan/" ]; then
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