Commit fb10738f authored by Linus Jahn's avatar Linus Jahn Committed by Jonah Brüchert
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Fix release build TLS connection bug!

The problem was that the ServiceDiscoveryManager also is a
gloox::ConnectionHandler, but isn't return anything upon a handleTls call, so
this resulted in a true return in gcc (<= 7) in debug mode. gcc (<= 7) in
release mode and gcc-8 and clang in debug mode made it just fail. g++-8
and clang in release mode just gave a segfault.

Fixes #147.
parent 13937d3a
......@@ -73,6 +73,8 @@ void ServiceDiscoveryManager::onDisconnect(gloox::ConnectionError error)
bool ServiceDiscoveryManager::onTLSConnect(const gloox::CertInfo &info)
// accept; real check is made in ClientWorker
return true;
void ServiceDiscoveryManager::setFeaturesAndIdentity()
......@@ -114,6 +116,8 @@ void ServiceDiscoveryManager::handleDiscoItems(const gloox::JID& from, const glo
bool ServiceDiscoveryManager::handleDiscoSet(const gloox::IQ& iq)
// not handled disco set
return false;
void ServiceDiscoveryManager::handleDiscoError(const gloox::JID &from, const gloox::Error *error, int context)
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