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    • Linus Jahn's avatar
      RosterPage: Add tooltips for presence information and JID · caa456f0
      Linus Jahn authored
      This adds tool tips to the roster. They show the alias/name of the contact,
      their full JID (in small), the presence status type (i.e. 'Available', 'Away',
      etc.) and the optional presence status message. The font of the status type is
      in the apropriate color, so for 'Away' the font is orange.
      Closes #77.
  12. 13 Aug, 2018 1 commit
    • Linus Jahn's avatar
      RosterPage: Show presence information via. new PresenceCache · da5679eb
      Linus Jahn authored
      This adds a PresenceCache which will cache all incoming presences. The presence
      information (currently only status type and status message) can be get from QML
      then. They're just displayed as small circle in green (available), orange (away/
      XA), grey (unavailable) and red (error). In case of an error a small message is
      displayed instead of the last message.
  13. 23 Mar, 2018 1 commit
    • Linus Jahn's avatar
      RosterPage: Fix names are displayed too short · 9519b0f6
      Linus Jahn authored
      This removes an old placeholder, which is not needed anymore. It also adds the
      Layout.fillWidth property to the name and last chat message, so they use the
      full space, when the unread message counter isn't visible.
      Fixes #217.
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    • Linus Jahn's avatar
      Bump copyright to 2018 · 14b7183a
      Linus Jahn authored
      This updates all copyright headers in the source files to 2018. Also,
      there are not all contributors listed with a seperate copyright line,
      only one line for all Kaidan developers and contributors with a 'link'
      to a full list of contributors in the LICENSE file.
      It would be very hard to maintain the old strategy and adding each
      contributor to each file. Also the copyright lines were get too long then.
      All Kaidan headings are uniform, now. I replaced 'A cross platform XMPP
      client' with 'A user-friendly XMPP client for every device!'.
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    • Linus Jahn's avatar
      Add VCard-based Avatars via. vcard-temp · 8f8e40b9
      Linus Jahn authored
      This implements XEP-0054: vcard-temp, but only handles the avatar/profile picture.
      Avatars (and everything else in the VCard) will currently only be updated on connecting.
      For changing this, we need to implement XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars, that will send
      presences with notices of updated VCards.
  21. 04 Aug, 2017 1 commit