This release only exists, because we're planning to rewrite parts of the back-end and to switch to the XMPP client library "gloox" and we didn't want to write things as avatars twice, so we're doing a non-only-bug-fix-release now and then we'll start to work on the rewrite and profiles with avatars. Because rewrite + new features are a bit more work, the release probably will take longer than wanted, as the 0.2 release.



  • RosterPage: Clear TextFields after closing AddContactSheet (#106) (@jbbgameich)

Unused back-end features:

  • RosterController: Save lastMessage for each contact (#108) (@LNJ2)
  • Add database versioning and conversion (#110) (@LNJ2)
  • Database: Add new roster row avatarHash (#112) (@LNJ2)


  • CMake: Add feature summary (#109) (@LNJ2)