Commit 4f2512a9 authored by Albert Vaca Cintora's avatar Albert Vaca Cintora
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Probably "Available devices" sounds better than "Not paired devices" for

a new user that just opens the app and maybe sees no devices yet.
parent c12ee997
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
<string name="mousepad_right_click">Right click</string>
<string name="mousepad_middle_click">Middle click</string>
<string name="category_connected_devices">Connected devices</string>
<string name="category_not_paired_devices">Not paired devices</string>
<string name="category_not_paired_devices">Available devices</string>
<string name="category_remembered_devices">Remembered devices</string>
<string name="plugins_failed_to_load">Plugins failed to load (tap for more info):</string>
<string name="device_menu_plugins">Select plugins</string>
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