Commit e4275d85 authored by Albert Vaca Cintora's avatar Albert Vaca Cintora
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Change the plugin description, it doesn't actually take pictures

It might be misleading for people who don't know what this plugin does.
parent 123ce990
......@@ -326,8 +326,8 @@
<string name="block_contents">Block contents of notifications</string>
<string name="block_images">Block images in notifications</string>
<string name="notification_channel_receivenotification">Notifications from other devices</string>
<string name="take_picture">Take picture</string>
<string name="plugin_photo_desc">Take a picture and send it to another device</string>
<string name="take_picture">Launch camera</string>
<string name="plugin_photo_desc">Launch the camera app to ease taking and transferring pictures</string>
<string name="findmyphone_preference_key_ringtone" translatable="false">findmyphone_ringtone</string>
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