Commit 117ac915 authored by Weixuan Xiao's avatar Weixuan Xiao
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Fix missing icons on macOS due to install dirs change

Reported by @Rishik at Telegram: The app doesn't show any UI(from 1499 to 1508).

Removing the deprecated `ICON_INSTALL_DIR` on macOS.
Using `KDE_INSTALL_ICONDIR` instead, following f7f3c01e.
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......@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ list(APPEND APP_ICONS
# Craft adds share/icons into blacklist, which will not be copied into the bundle
# As a workaround, on macOS, set ICON_INSTALL_DIR to another path
set(ICON_INSTALL_DIR share/kdeconnect-icons)
# As a workaround, on macOS, set KDE_INSTALL_ICONDIR to another path
set(KDE_INSTALL_ICONDIR share/kdeconnect-icons)
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