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Changes as per CR

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......@@ -203,12 +203,12 @@ void SharePlugin::shareUrl(const QUrl& url, bool open)
NetworkPacket packet(PACKET_TYPE_SHARE_REQUEST);
if (url.isLocalFile()) {
QSharedPointer<QFile> ioFile(new QFile(url.toLocalFile()));
QFileInfo info(*ioFile);
if (!ioFile->exists()) {
Daemon::instance()->reportError(i18n("Could not share file"), i18n("%1 does not exist", url.toLocalFile()));
} else {
QFileInfo info(*ioFile);
packet.setPayload(ioFile, ioFile->size());
packet.set<QString>(QStringLiteral("filename"), QUrl(url).fileName());
packet.set<qint64>(QStringLiteral("creationTime"), info.birthTime().toMSecsSinceEpoch());
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