Commit 4531cebe authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella
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[app] Add placeholder message around pair button

parent 48688b3e
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......@@ -152,11 +152,15 @@ Kirigami.Page
id: untrustedDevice
Item {
readonly property var actions: []
Button {
Kirigami.PlaceholderMessage {
text: i18nd("kdeconnect-app", "This device is not paired")
anchors.centerIn: parent
text: i18nd("kdeconnect-app", "Pair")"network-connect"
onClicked: deviceView.currentDevice.requestPair()
helpfulAction: Kirigami.Action {
text: i18nd("kdeconnect-app", "Pair")"network-connect"
onTriggered: deviceView.currentDevice.requestPair()
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