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Add 22.08.0 Windows binary to appstream data

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......@@ -178,7 +178,15 @@
<value key="KDE::app_store"></value>
<release version="22.08.0" date="2022-08-18"/>
<release version="22.08.0" date="2022-08-18">
<artifact type="binary" platform="x86_64-windows-msvc">
<checksum type="sha256">4f918ba88f947b81bbed7bc66d9d18a71eeafd4956667a4cf0769c5745f50c2c</checksum>
<size type="download">68190648</size>
<release version="22.04.3" date="2022-07-07"/>
<release version="22.04.2" date="2022-06-09"/>
<release version="22.04.1" date="2022-05-12">
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