Commit 8a5858a9 authored by Art Pinch's avatar Art Pinch Committed by Piyush Aggarwal
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[SystemVolumePlugin][Windows] Fixed sink callback registration condition

parent b5ac96ce
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......@@ -312,13 +312,13 @@ bool SystemvolumePlugin::sendSinkList()
sinkObject.insert(QStringLiteral("maxVolume"), (qint64)100);
// Register Callback
QString qDeviceId = QString::fromWCharArray(deviceId);
if (!sinkList.contains(qDeviceId)) {
if (!sinkList.contains(name)) {
callback = new CAudioEndpointVolumeCallback(*this, name);
sinkList[name] = qMakePair(endpoint, callback);
QString qDeviceId = QString::fromWCharArray(deviceId);
idToNameMap[qDeviceId] = name;
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