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Revert Description[x-test] for trasnlation

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......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
"Description[sv]": "Synkronisera kontakter mellan skrivbordet och ansluten enhet",
"Description[tr]": "Masaüstü ve bağlı aygıt arasında kişileri eşzamanla",
"Description[uk]": "Синхронізація контактів між комп'ютером і з'єднаним пристроєм",
"Description[x-test]": "xxSynchronize Contacts from the Connected Device to the Desktopxx",
"Description[x-test]": "xxSynchronize Contacts Between the Desktop and the Connected Devicexx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "同步电脑和已连接设备的通讯录",
"Description[zh_TW]": "在電腦與連線裝置之間同步聯絡人",
"EnabledByDefault": true,
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