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......@@ -58,6 +58,8 @@ NetworkPackets can also have binary data attached that can't be serialized to JS
To contribute patches, use [KDE Connect's GitLab]( There you can also find a task list with stuff to do and links to other relevant resources. It is a good idea to also subscribe to the [KDE Connect mailing list]( We can also be reached on IRC at #kdeconnect on freenode or on [telegram](, contributions and feedback are warmly welcomed.
For bug reporting, please use [KDE's Bugzilla]( Please do not use the issue tracker in GitLab since we want to keep everything in one place.
Please know that all translations for all KDE apps are handled by the [localization team]( If you would like to submit a translation, that should be done by working with the proper team for that language.
## License
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