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Add KDE CI file

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# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: None
# SPDX-License-Identifier: CC0-1.0
- 'on': ['@all']
'frameworks/extra-cmake-modules': '@stable'
'frameworks/kcoreaddons': '@stable'
'frameworks/kconfig': '@stable'
'frameworks/ki18n': '@stable'
'frameworks/kitemmodels': '@stable'
'frameworks/kcontacts': '@stable'
'frameworks/kirigami': '@stable'
'frameworks/kdbusaddons': '@stable'
'frameworks/knotifications': '@stable'
'frameworks/kiconthemes': '@stable'
'frameworks/kio': '@stable'
'frameworks/kcmutils': '@stable'
'frameworks/kservice': '@stable'
'frameworks/solid': '@stable'
'frameworks/kpeople': '@stable'
'frameworks/kwindowsystem': '@stable'
'frameworks/qqc2-desktop-style': '@stable'
'libraries/qca': '@stable'
- 'on': ['Linux', 'FreeBSD']
'frameworks/kwayland': '@stable'
'frameworks/kpackage': '@stable'
'libraries/pulseaudio-qt/': '@stable'
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