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Commit d58f6cf2 authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella

Remove unused code in NotificationDbusInterface

Summary: The isRequest codepath is never used. The requestAnswer path is not implemented and after D9558 not needed anymore.

Test Plan: Sending notifications works like before

Reviewers: #kde_connect, albertvaka

Reviewed By: #kde_connect, albertvaka

Subscribers: albertvaka, #kde_connect

Differential Revision:
parent 2aeae445
......@@ -64,19 +64,6 @@ void NotificationsDbusInterface::processPackage(const NetworkPackage& np)
if (id.startsWith(QLatin1String("org.kde.kdeconnect_tp::")))
id = id.mid(id.indexOf(QLatin1String("::")) + 2);
} else if (np.get<bool>(QStringLiteral("isRequest"))) {
for (const auto& n : qAsConst(m_notifications)) {
{"id", n->internalId()},
{"appName", n->appName()},
{"ticker", n->ticker()},
{"isClearable", n->dismissable()},
{"requestAnswer", true}
} else if(np.get<bool>(QStringLiteral("requestAnswer"), false)) {
} else {
QString id = np.get<QString>(QStringLiteral("id"));
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