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transfer explicit cast to double

Fix PVS-Studio issue "core/transfer.cpp:179: warning: V636
The 'm_uploadedSize / m_downloadedSize' expression was implicitly cast
from 'unsigned long long' type to 'double' type. Consider utilizing an
explicit type cast to avoid the loss of a fractional part. An example:
double A = (double)(X) / Y;.".
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......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ void Transfer::checkShareRatio()
if (m_downloadedSize == 0 || m_ratio == 0)
if (m_uploadedSize / m_downloadedSize >= m_ratio)
if ((double)m_uploadedSize / m_downloadedSize >= m_ratio)
setDownloadLimit(1, Transfer::InvisibleSpeedLimit);//If we set it to 0 we would have no limit xD
setDownloadLimit(0, Transfer::InvisibleSpeedLimit);
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