Commit 60ecb440 authored by Wolfgang Bauer's avatar Wolfgang Bauer

Reactivate commented out code in DataSourceFactory::checkLocalFile()

This code is needed because it creates the (empty) destination file.
Without it, KIO::open() in DataSourceFactory::start() will always fail,
and the downloads never start.

In particular, the multisegmentkio plugin works again now.
parent 237463ce
......@@ -161,13 +161,13 @@ void DataSourceFactory::slotFinishedDownload(TransferDataSource *source, KIO::fi
m_finished = true;
//FIXME is this even needed
bool DataSourceFactory::checkLocalFile()
QString dest_orig = m_dest.toLocalFile();
QString _dest_part(dest_orig);
/*KDE_struct_stat buff_part;
KDE_struct_stat buff_part;
bool bPartExists = (KDE::stat( _dest_part, &buff_part ) != -1);
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ bool DataSourceFactory::checkLocalFile()
}*///TODO: Port if needed
}//TODO: Port to use Qt functions maybe
qCDebug(KGET_DEBUG) << "success";
return true;
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