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Commit 4d5058bd authored by Wolfgang Bauer's avatar Wolfgang Bauer

Fix torrent download with remote .torrent files

In case of a remote Url, the .torrent file is downloaded to a temporary
location first, and then that local file is used as source for the
actual torrent download.
But QUrl::QUrl() (that's used implicitly here to convert the QString to
QUrl) expects an Url, passing it a local path (without "file://")
results in an invalid Url which caused the download to fail.

Using QUrl::fromLocalFile() to convert the local path to QUrl fixes that
parent c4255c28
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ void BTTransfer::start()
qCDebug(KGET_DEBUG) << m_dest.path();
m_tmpTorrentFile = QString(KStandardDirs::locateLocal("appdata", "tmp/") + m_dest.fileName());
Download *download = new Download(m_source, m_tmpTorrentFile);
Download *download = new Download(m_source, QUrl::fromLocalFile(m_tmpTorrentFile));
setStatus(Job::Stopped, i18n("Downloading Torrent File...."), SmallIcon("document-save"));
setTransferChange(Tc_Status, true);
......@@ -458,7 +458,7 @@ void BTTransfer::btTransferInit(const QUrl &src, const QByteArray &data)
m_dest = m_dest.adjusted(QUrl::StripTrailingSlash);
torrent->init(nullptr, file.readAll(), m_tmp + m_source.fileName().remove(".torrent"), QUrl::fromLocalFile(m_dest.adjusted(QUrl::RemoveFilename).path()).toLocalFile());
m_dest = torrent->getStats().output_path;
m_dest = QUrl::fromLocalFile(torrent->getStats().output_path);
if (!torrent->getStats().multi_file_torrent && (m_dest.fileName() != torrent->getStats().torrent_name))//TODO check if this is needed, so if that case is true at some point
m_dest = m_dest.adjusted(QUrl::StripTrailingSlash);
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