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Commit e76da8d7 authored by Alexander Potashev's avatar Alexander Potashev

cmake: LibKTorrent is optional

parent 2df638b4
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ set_package_properties(Qca PROPERTIES DESCRIPTION "Support for encryption"
set_package_properties(KF5Gpgmepp_FOUND PROPERTIES DESCRIPTION "The GpgMEPP library" TYPE RECOMMENDED PURPOSE "GpgMEPP is required to have signature verifying support in KGet.")
find_package(LibKTorrent 1.9.50 CONFIG REQUIRED)
find_package(LibKTorrent 1.9.50)
set_package_properties(LIBKTORRENT_FOUND PROPERTIES DESCRIPTION "Backend Library of KTorrent" TYPE RECOMMENDED PURPOSE "Needed to build KGet bittorrent support.")
find_package(LibMms QUIET)
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