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    Improved quality of JPEG thumbnails · b18be2ed
    William Tradewell authored
    BUG: 411262
    FIXED-IN: 20.04
    Simple tweak to increase quality of JPEG thumbnails. For some reason the thumbnailer was set to scale them down at the minimum possible quality, and this led to some rather ugly results. This is, of course, no longer the case. See the attached images for a comparison. The image was created in gimp, and shows a near worst-case for the thumbnailer before the fix.
    Reviewers: broulik, #frameworks, #vdg, cfeck, ngraham
    Reviewed By: #vdg, cfeck, ngraham
    Subscribers: meven, volkov, cfeck, bruns, ngraham, kde-frameworks-devel, kfm-devel
    Tags: #dolphin, #frameworks
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D26648
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