Commit 0cbdeb1f authored by Méven Car's avatar Méven Car
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sftp: avoid bogus KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_CREATION_TIME values

"flags & SSH_FILEXFER_ATTR_CREATETIME" check was missing in listDir

CCBUG: 375305
parent 679bcb3e
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......@@ -2304,7 +2304,9 @@ Result SFTPInternal::listDir(const QUrl &url)
entry.fastInsert(KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_ACCESS_TIME, dirent->atime);
entry.fastInsert(KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_MODIFICATION_TIME, dirent->mtime);
entry.fastInsert(KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_CREATION_TIME, dirent->createtime);
if (dirent->flags & SSH_FILEXFER_ATTR_CREATETIME) {
entry.fastInsert(KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_CREATION_TIME, dirent->createtime);
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