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Add some hints about how to get http debug output.

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This document describes how you can debug an io-slave with gdb.
How does an io-slave get started?
Your application request 'klauncher' via DCOP for a slave. If 'klauncher' does
not have an idle slave ready, it will ask kdeinit to start a new one.
kdeinit forks and dlopens the library that contains the io-slave.
Then it calls kdemain() or, if that is not present, main() in the library.
Attaching gdb to a io-slave
Due to the above sequence it is rather hard to get an io-slave in your
debugger. But wait there is hope. You can start klauncher in such a way
that slaves for a certain protocol are started in debug mode.
......@@ -39,5 +44,24 @@ slave by typing 'continue'. The debugger will return immediate with a message
that a SIGSTOP has been received so you will have to type 'continue' a second
How to get debug output
It is usefull to redirect the debug output of your particular slave to a file
instead of stderr. E.g. I myself use the following lines in
This redirects all debug info for areas 7103 and 7113 (as used by kio_http)
to the file /tmp/http.
Happy debugging.
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