Commit 12e03aa5 authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🏳🌈
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smb: put a bandaid on a dangling warning I left behind

many slaves seem to do this (process bytes, then say the processed size
is the stat'd size when in fact it may not be). I'll believe it's not a
huge concern because of that, but even so there should be some indication
if that expectation fails. a warning should suffice
parent 5a436c20
......@@ -132,7 +132,9 @@ void SMBSlave::get(const QUrl &kurl)
#warning fixme this is potentially a lie
if (totalbytesread != static_cast<KIO::filesize_t>(st.st_size)) {
qCWarning(KIO_SMB_LOG) << "Got" << totalbytesread << "bytes but expected" << st.st_size;
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